Question 2

Nursing is a skilled profession that people must practice – that is, practice as an LPN to maintain their competence.

In order for your nursing practice hours to qualify for registration with the CLPNA, you must have been registered, and have been practicing as a nurse. Practice hours do not include sick time or vacation time.

If you have zero (0) nursing practice hours in the past four (4) years, you are not eligible for registration as an LPN.

However, if you successfully completed a nursing education program in the last four (4) years, you may be eligible for registration.

Maria has not worked as a nurse since 2007. She does not meet the competence to practice requirements as she has zero (0) nursing hours within the last four (4) years. She will need to complete a Nursing Refresher program.

Have you practiced as an LPN/RN or successfully completed an LPN nursing education program in the past four (4) years?